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RIP Lawrence Colburn, My Lai Massacre hero


Registered Member
Lawrence Colburn was a helicopter door gunner with the US Army in 1963 when he was instrumental in interrupting what is now called the My Lai Massacre, in which US infantry were massacring Vietnamese civilians under the order of their commanding officer. The details are better described in other places than here, but Colburn had to risk his life and threaten his fellow American soldiers with death in order to stop them from continuing to kill unarmed civilians, including children under age 5.

Colburn died of old age a few days ago. I wish I weren't an absolute atheist, because it would be nice to believe that a person like him gets rewarded after death, instead of simply ceasing to exist the same as any scumbag does.


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I never heard very much about that massacre and totally missed the helicopter gunner that stopped it but yeah, he does sound like one serious hero. He may be dead now but what he did will live forever. RIP Lawrence Colburn. Anyone that protects innocent civilians will never be forgotten.
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