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RIP Bruno Sammartino


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The cool story about him and fans was when he dropped the belt to Ivan Koloff at MSG. We have all heard this story before, but still fun to share. When he lost cleanly (which they did so the fans wouldn't be even more upset than if Koloff cheated) , the place was dead silent. I'd imagine it was kind of like when Lesnar beat Undertaker at WM. Bruno even said in interviews years later that it was so silent, he thought the referee had collapsed from s heart attack or something.

Meanwhile, Koloff is beginning to celebrate, and the ref and ring announcer told him to stop celebrating and to go back to the locker room. Koloff asked about the belt, and they told him to forget it and get the hell out of there before he got killed. Meanwhile, Bruno, when he starts to leave the ring, begins hearing the sounds of a lot of people crying and telling him that they still love him. He said years later that he felt disturbed about the reaction because all he wanted was to finally be able to take some time off with his family after eight years as champion.

True legend.
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