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RIP Anthony Mason


The return shall be legenday!
Mason was a beast. 16-11-5.7 along with anger, fury, defense and attitude is one hell of a season.


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Mason -- http://nypost.com/2004/06/13/nba-thats- ... d-records/

The story is actually even odder/more disturbing. Mason apparently had a ploy of inviting women to his room and telling them that he would have dinner with them. So, when the woman came into the room he would have sex with the woman (who anticipated a limo ride and a nice dinner after sex) and then order KFC to be delivered to the room. This led to the woman getting upset and reporting him to the authorities. He was also involved in an alleged statutory rape situation - they could not establish that he had sex with the girls in question. He pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a minor.


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One of the greatest Knick players of all time. Always played his hardest on both ends of the floor. RIP Mase.
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