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Rio Olympic closets?


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So yeah, they fixed the gas, electric, and other issues at the Rio Olympic Village so the athletes can sleep in... closets? I've been in tents that were bigger and tons cooler than that!

So where's the entertainment system, sofa, bath, or even a chair? They'll have to climb over each other just to get out of bed.
Also, they may have to dodge falling planes.

If I was an Olympic athlete I'd just stay in a hotel... if they're not that tiny too.


Living in Ikoria
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@Millz - Closet? You'll love it!

Honestly, nothing surprises me news-wise coming out of Rio anymore. I hope that those that attend and compete in the games are safe, but I'm not expecting anything great. Apparently protestors snuffed out the olympic flame today. Good thing they have security in Rio, who are being told that their checks will be in the mail later. I'm sure they're super motivated.

Rio Olympics torch snuffed out by protesters in Brazil


Free Spirit
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I don't know why the IOC pick some of the places they do to hold the games. Considering they can't pay their cops I doubt security will be that great. I would be afraid it would be a prime spot for a terrorist attack. Look how many nations ISIS could hit at once.


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The venues are cool - so far - but the streets look like a military occupation and 2 people got shot near one of the stadiums.
Man shot and killed near Maracana Stadium after opening ceremony

But it's still impossible - at least for me - not to get all over the games, especially after the Mudranov judoka win. I noticed he got more aggressive after he got poked in the eye.
Way too addicted to sports...

Caught on video, this is what the streets of Rio are like for the athletes and visitors.

They work fast and there's almost zero protection. Olympic teams have complained but nothing gets done to protect visitors at the Olympics.
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