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Ringtone or vibrate?

Is your cell phone set to ringtone or vibrate?

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I pwn noobs
I love to have mine on ringer because I am constantly losing my phone everywhere so I need to be able to hear it when i call it.


A Darker Knight
sometimes the vibrate is so loud that is basically acts as a ringtone =/


blue 3
It depends I switch back and forth a lot. If I'm out in public I probably have it on vibrate, because all my ringtones are obnoxious, however, if I go to sleep I normally put it on ringer. I'm the opposite of most people I think lol.


Registered Member
I currently have my phone set to do both. So if I don’t hear it I can feel it(lol). The Vibe/Ring option is a very useful feature.
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Registered Member
I use vibrate only because my parents hear my phone when it rings, but they don't when it vibrates. They get upset when it rings all the time cause they think i'm running up my bill, so its best if they just don't know.


No Custom Title Exists
Both at the time. Got Soulja Boy as my ringtone.


Registered Member
depends on the situation, i mostly keep it on ringtones. if i'm out in a loud place i'll use ring and vibrate. if i'm somewhere that i need it to be quiet but need to know its ringing i'll put it on vibrate. lastly, if i'm somewhere that i can't answer it i put it on silent.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Depends on the situation. If I'm at work, I put it on vibrate only. Almost anywhere else, ringtone and vibrate.

As for ringtone, part of Gyakuten Saiban Court Suite from Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra (I believe it to be the last 57 seconds or so) for calls, and what sounds like the red alert sound from pretty much every Star Trek after TOS for texts.
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Problematic Shitlord
My phone vibrates first for about 4 seconds and then rings.

Simple enough and it works good if I don't feel the vibration because "Down With The Sickness" makes an awesome startling ring tone.


Registered Member
mine is generally on vibrate since i am mostly in school and stuff. but when im out and stuff ill put it to ringtone
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