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Ringtone or vibrate?

Is your cell phone set to ringtone or vibrate?

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I usually have my phone in a case, so I put it on vibrate, that way I can feel it, and nobody has to hear my ringtone.


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I've been using vibrate for text messages lately, it gets way too annoying to hear the same tone over and over again when you use mostly texts.


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It depends where i am. At home i generally have it on ringtone so i can hear it, although i put it on vibrate after 10 so not to wake anyone in my house up as i usually get lots of texts in the night. If im out its normally on vibrate


New Member
it changes.. depends if im in college or not
ringtone when im at home
vibrate when im in college


New Member
I never have it on vibrate because all my pants have some sort of quality that suppresses the vibration so I miss 90% of calls. If I'm at school I simply put it on ringtone. The school lets us have it on ringtone (unless it's an assembly) because they understand that it may be an emergency. If you get called your allowed to step outside, answer and ask if it is very important i.e. parents got in a car crash, your house is on fire, stuff like that,.


A Darker Knight
I would use both, but for some reason my new phone won't let me. So I use ringtones when I'm inside and vibrate when the environment is noisy.


I usually have it set to a ringtone (just one of the ones that came with the phone), so I will know if someone's calling me even if my phone isn't in my pocket or if I'm doing something active. It's also handy to have it on ringer, so if I can't find my phone someone can call it and I'll be able to track it down by the sound. I use vibrate if I'm doing something where I wouldn't want the ring going off, like if I'm at a performance or a movie, or in a class... also use vibrate if it's really loud, like if I'm at a concert or something.


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I tend to have both going, but I never feel vibrate anyway. I'll turn it to vibrate if it's an important class, or if I remember to though, and I'll just silence it when i watch a movie


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Because of school mine is usually on vibrate.
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