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Ringtone or vibrate?

Is your cell phone set to ringtone or vibrate?

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So what's your cell phone set to? Ringtone or vibrate?

I had mine set to a ringtone for several years (never changed it either) but now I have had it set to vibrate for quite a while. I got tired of having it go off when I didn't want it to. Vibrate is really the only option you even need if you keep your cell phone in your pocket.

I did actually buy a ringtone back when I first got my phone though. I bought A ringtone. I figured why would I need to change it all the time for more money? I'm happy with the one I have (Beverly Hills Cop Theme :D), so why pay for another?

Not to mention the fact that I generally answer my phone pretty quickly. Why would I want to pay for a song that I'll only ever hear the first few seconds? So I can have my friends call me and listen to my ringtone as a way of being "cool" somehow? (I've seen it done time and time again...)

I say pick up the phone already! :rolleyes:


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I use both. When I'm home I use the ringtone so I can hear it, cause I don't always have my phone right next me. I usually put it on vibrate whenever I leave the house.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I switch it around depending on where I am, how many texts I'm getting, or where my phone is sitting at that time.


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When I get phoned I like hearing whichever mp3 I've picked so I leave the ring tone on. However my message fiunction is set to vibrate because I get way more texts than phone calls and I hate being one of those guys whos phone is beeping every 20 seconds.


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I use both, I use the ringtone when I am most places, but the vibrate method when I am working, so I don't get into trouble.


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95% of the time i keep my phone on vibrate. This is mostly because i'm in class a lot or hanging out with friends. Vibrate allows me to realize i have a phone call, but allows me to ignore it at the same time, if i have to.


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For me, it really depends where I'm at or what I'm doing. Like for meeting or conferences, I would have it vibrate as it would be a disruption would I receive a call. At home, I have it on ringtone so I can actually hear it from another room.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It really bugs me when people leave the damn things on in the movies, or even worse when they even talk on them. I've asked them to shut the hell up several times.


New Member
I'd much rather use both, but since Motorola doesn't seem to understand this concept (or they just dont want to let you use both at the same time), I leave it on ringtone unless I'm in a meeting or something.
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