Ring Of Destruction

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    Awww yes good old ROD. This card can arguably be the best trap card we have ever gotten.
    Before it got banned people ran this card in the masses. Having this card around made winning, losing, and drawing that much more easy.

    Not only did ring drop the lifepoint total down it play an very important role in the advantage department. It happened to be a 1-1 like many other cards that are used today and back in it's time. It was how ever so broken do to it's effect that it could render and opponent out the chance to use certain cards like Premature Burial and Brain Control. While that did not create a solid card advantage it created at least 2 dead cards in an opponents hand, which was very important back in the dayZ of ROD.

    Sadly this card is just to broken to have back. It would be fun whit all the RFTDD flying about. Things would have been sweet.

    Traditional: 3.5/5
    Advanced: Banned

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