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RIM delays Blackberry 10


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

RIM delays Blackberry 10 launch and cuts 5,000 jobs

Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has said it will delay the launch of its new phone operating system Blackberry 10 and is to cut 5,000 jobs.

The confirmation of job losses, which RIM had warned of last month, came as the firm reported a $518m (£334m) net loss in the three months to 2 June.

That compared with a $695m profit in the same period a year earlier.
As a Blackberry user my confidence in them is not so much as slowing down but hitting a brick wall. RIM has for a long time been a company that was an outside outfit, one that did not follow the rules laid down by others, when others were moving over to touch screen and getting away from the HTC styling’s of qwerty keyboards RIM felt that they were something that people wanted and were something the defined them and to be fair they were right, not everyone may agree but I personally cannot stand touch screen and I would miss having a physical keyboard.

What worries is that RIM do not seem to know where the business market lies. When Apple releases the new iOs6 later this year it will be greeted by millions who cannot wait to see it because when Apple do it it changes the game as far as what the phone is capable of and what applications come in (such as siri). When Google bring out Jelly Bean there is the potential that users will be excite but there is no guarantee.

When I say they do not know where their business lies I mean it in this way, RIM have to customers:

Customers who want a blackberry because they are cheap, mainly used by teenagers who want email, facebook and BBM access.

Customers who want a blackberry because it has email facility on secure sites and can use things such as dictation and documents.

Now call me wrong but these are not two groups in my mind that care what operating system their phone is running, I would wager that must users do not know what OS their phone is
running and probably have never even tried to update it.

I don't know what RIM need to do to keep their head above water but telling people they can browse the internet faster and can use BBM and a half decent camera does not seem to be the live vest they are looking for.