Riley Has Successful Surgery


Aw, Here It Goes!
MIAMI, January 5 – The Miami HEAT announced today that Head Coach Pat Riley underwent successful surgery on his right knee today. Riley had his surgery performed at Doctors Hospital of Miami, with the 60-minute procedure being performed by Dr. Harlan Selesnick. During the arthroscopic procedure, three large pieces of cartilage, which were causing severe pain as well as the knee to lock, were removed. Riley is currently resting comfortably at his home. No timetable has been set on his return.
He still has a ways to go before he back on the sidelines. I wish him a quick recovery.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Even though he led is team to a Championship last season, I think that he should of never returned. I know Van Gundy said that he wanted to be close to is family, but I dont believe that a whole lot, and he should still coach. None the less hopefully he recovers quickly because they're struggling.