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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I search the music forum and there isn't a Rihanna thread(that I could find at least.)

Anyway, I wasn't a fan of hers when she first came out, her first true number one hit was Pon de Replay and I thought that song was/still is so annoying. But she has definitely got better through her career. I really like her now, she comes out with really catch tunes.

I really like two of her new songs:

YouTube - Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Teaser Video)

YouTube - Rihanna - Rude Boy

Anyone else a fan of Rihanna?


Babeasaurus Sex
Wow Bizzy!

I wouldnt have pegged you as a rihanna fan :)

I like her more now than ever before I love rude boy and the new one.

I think my absolute favourite is this one she did with will.I.am the lyrics and beat and tune are all just perfect for my walks to work!

YouTube - "Photographs" - Rihanna


Her first album was boring and has crappy songs.
Her 2 latest albums are good.
I like her overall.


I'm with BR, wasn't a fan of hers in the beginning. She has definitely changed my opinion over the last few years though. I like a few of her songs, but I really become a fan when she made guest appearances on other people's music. Her hooks on 'Run This Town' and 'Love The Way You Lie' make the song, without her they just wouldn't be the same. Not only is she talented, she is incredibly hot. That helps. Ha.

These are my three favorite songs from her...

YouTube - Rihanna - Unfaithful

YouTube - Rihanna - Umbrella

YouTube - Rihanna - Take A Bow


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All great songs gang, another song that I wanted to add is Don't Stop the Music. I was a little mad that she took stuff from Wanna be Startin Something from Michael Jackson, but she pulls it off pretty well.


Registered Member
A beautiful diva with singing talent she is.I like her songs a lot.I like her song which I Pls Don't Stop the Music...:nod:


Registered Member
I love her new song 'California King Bed'. It is a change from her usual content, she is great at ballad and looks absolutely amazing in the video.


Registered Member
She sings a duet with Eminem...called - Love The Way You Lie. (hope I got the title right)
I do not like that song.
Terrible to make abuse look like something sensual and sexual. My daughter-in-law had that as her ringtone on her phone and I heard it, and I told her she should be ashamed of herself, because the song was about a woman being beaten and abused. She must have thought something of me (my DIL)...cause she changed the ringtone.
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A Darker Knight
I think love the way you lie was one of the better songs to feature rihanna. It wasn't really about her liking it, but how she thinks she does for the sake of staying in a relationship. i think lots of people could relate to that.

But other songs like rude boy or s&m are a different story.

I never was a fan of rihanna though. She could never sing live and her songs are more like party songs for me, as opposed to ones I'd listen to on a regular basis. She just yells out notes and sounds. :-/


Registered Member
Love the way you lie is not trying to show that an abusive relationship is good, it is just showing what an abusive relationship is. Its hard to understand, but since rihanna was an abusive relationship, it makes sense she got that part.
No, it's really not hard at all for me to understand, and I do know what you are trying to say.
Since she had that situation with Chris Brown, etc....she probably figured it would be a way to educate, for lack of a better word.
But still, the physical abuse bothers me tremendously. I won't let my granddaughter listen to that song and I will get out of hearing range if I hear it playing at a local mall or some other store.
I just answered back to a fucking spammer??
I gotta loosen the bolts in my head.
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