Right to Know your Biological Parents


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Reading one of the replies in another news thread (where a suggestion to have a kid adopted and hide the father's identity) made me think of this thread.

It's common to hear of adoptive children seeking out their biological parents. Maybe it's for curiosity, health reasons, or just the desire to trace their natural parentage. :dunno:

Do you think adopted children have the right to know who their real parents are? My first reaction is "yes, they should". But then I thought of another angle. What about babies that were born from sperm/egg donation? Should they know it too? Would knowing discourage people from donating? Or in the case of adoption, would it discourage people from putting their kids to adoption (other option is to have an abortion) if they really don't want to be tied to the kid for whatever reason?

What if the biological parents do not want to be known and say they have their right to privacy. Whose right is more important? :hmm:


Sally Twit
I think they always have the right to know the truth no matter what. I'd hate to find out I'd been lied to for all these years and never had the chance to decide what I wanted. I'd probably want to look up my real parents and find out their reasons for giving me away.
If I was raised my loving people that I loved to call my parents then I doubt it'd make much difference. I'd still want to know the truth though.

If the biological parents didn't want to be known then they should never have had the child in the first place.


The Hierophant
Do I think that adopted kids have the right to know who their biological parents are? Of course I do, but I don't think that they need to have a family reunion to do it. They could figure out who their parents were by going through the records.


Oh, poppycock.
I think biological parents have their reasons for giving up the child. Sometimes these reasons include why they did not want them to grow up in their environment in the first place. Also, if a girl was raped and gave it up, I don't think she would want to remember that night by seeing the product.

As Hiei said, I think they should be able to access records, but not always meet up with their families.


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What would the records show? I have no idea what they show but I assume it's just names. I suppose those who seek to really "know" their biological parents are after more than just knowing their names.


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I think that if the kid is put up for adoption they should have the right to seek out there real parents, but only once they reach a certain age of maturity.

For people that are born from a sperm donation I think the option should be left to the person who donated it, they should be able to say yes or no to letting the child born from there donation track them down and meet them at a later stage of life.


Ms. Malone
My dad's long lost brother turned up on my nan's doorstep a few years ago, he was given up for adoption and he tracked the family down; he's a nice guy but lives down south so we don't see him often.

If the person was adopted then they should be able to, but like Xeilo said-if it was a donation it should be up to the donator.