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#1 Spammer of FC
Just wanted to see who on this forum is a right handed person and who's left handed.

Im a little of both. Since I broke my arm twice (my right one) I needed to do a lot of stuff with my left hand and in most sports my left hand is the dominate hand. But in basketball and for writing purposes I use the right hand.


Left-handed most of the way, with the notable exceptions being my batting righty and shooting righty in hockey.


#1 Spammer of FC
I bat left and I shoot left in hockey. Every sport other then basketball I can do better with my left hand.
I'm right handed. But I drive way better and faster to the basket when I go with my left hand after a crossover. That's the only weird thing.


Hell, It's about time!
I write with my right hand, but people point out that I eat with both hands, and I tend to drive with my left.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I am right handed, but I can shoot a hockey stick from both sides, but I cannot throw well from the left side. I wish I was a swith hitter in baseball, and I tried a few times and didn't have much success.


I am ambidexterous. I use both equally well, although I prefer to use my left the most.