Right at this moment...


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1. What would you rather be doing?
2. What should you be doing?

3. What's keeping you from doing # 1 and # 2?


1. I'd rather be watching a movie on my DVD player.
2. I should be fixing lunch.
3. For # 1, my son is watching his movies on my DVD player; For # 2, I still haven't figured out what to cook.
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1. I'd like to be practising with the band
2. I should be studying (well i actually should be in college, but seeing as i've failed to do that i SHOULD be studying)

3. #1 Distance between members during the week.
#2 I'm lazy and hungover.....


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I'd rather be back with my girlfriend infront of the tele.

I should really be working at the moment but I just can't be arsed.

What's stopping me from doing these?...........demotivation.


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1. I'd rather be with my boyfriend.
2. I should be studying or cleaning.
3. I can't be with him, because he's a away, far, far away.
Studying and cleaning is no fun, and I have no self discipline.


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1. Woke up with a sinus headache, wish I were still in bed.
2. Supposed to be working.
3. Preventing me from working is this pounding pain in my head!
1. Speaking to a certain person
2. Probably should be at the gym or practising italian

3. I'm too nervous... and for no.2, demotivation and being ill
1. What would you rather be doing? Actually I quite happy with what I'm doing
2. What should you be doing? Homework
3. What's keeping you from doing # 1 and # 2? School, ironically
1. Earning money. Playing video games. Sleeping.
2. Brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed.
3. Shift over. Don't have the game, yet. Not THAT tired. On the computer.

Heh. Answered! ^_^


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I would rather be out doing something fun but I should be doing some work...whats stopping me..I am tired and can't be bothered at the minute :( Maybe later!