Riding your bike while standing on the seat?


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Anybody else ever try this? It's arguably a somewhat basic trick, but it's definitely among the unforgiving tricks. :D I haven't tried this recently, but I used to try all sorts of bike stunts a few years back. I have never fallen while standing on the seat, but I have seen it happen. It's not a good situation to be in even as a spectator. ;) I didn't have a BMX when I did this though. I was just using a small standard street bike.


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I have tried it a few times went a few feet and fell over. Realy hurts tell ya that. the weel don't stay straight long.


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I haven't done this in a long while. I can say I am so glad that when I used to do this that I never fell. I would imagine that could be quite painfull.
Haven't tried it to be honest, mostly from fear of what happens with the fall. I've seen some pretty nasty falls when people tried to do that. I realize those types of falls don't happen all the time, but that's usually my luck. :)


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I broke my left wrist doing this trick. Not to be outdone, my cousin broke his right arm with this trick.

Yes, it HURT!


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It seem to be something that alot of kids try at one time or another. I hope I never see it when my son's try this. I would probably have a heart attack.