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Riding a Taxi Cab


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Has anyone ever ridden a taxicab? I have, twice. The first time was back in the mid-to-late 1980s after our car broke down; however, I didn't know what a taxi cab was until after I entered kindergarten. :lol:

Throughout the years, as I watched shows on TV involving taxicabs (including TAXI, the TV sitcom series), I saw the dangers of riding taxicabs: the cab driver can try to swindle you in paying more than what the meter says or worse yet, he could be a wanted killer! For honest cab drivers, the dangers they would face would be the passengers themselves, depending on their nature and actions.

Recently, I had to take a taxi cab home after our red 1990 Ford Taurus L broke down for the final time. The cab driver was decent and even pressed the button to open the slide door for me to get in and get out.:D What made things even better was that I had more than enough to pay the fare. The only setback was not getting any change, but that didn't bother me, the most important thing was getting home safe. Once home, the driver wished me the best of luck in getting the Taurus fixed, which of course was not possible.:stare:

Unless you're living in New York City, I wouldn't quite recommend riding a taxi.:-/


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've only ridden in a cab a couple of times. The only time I remember vividly was the time in Mexico. The cab driver when whizzing through the streets, no stop signs and I couldn't wait for it to be over before we had a wreck.


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I have only ever been in taxis out of necessity, I am not a fan of being driven by other people. Most of the time it has been after a night out and it has been too far to walk home, and I was rather tipsy. I also had to use one to get to the airport to fly to Dublin. I have never been in a big city taxi though, whenever I go to London I use the underground instead.


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I have taken Taxi cabs for years without any real problems, I have a local cab firm logged into my phone so if I have a few to many drinks I have the option of getting a cab home with a firm I know.

The only real issue I have ever had was a few years ago, I had ordered a cab to pick up me and my kids from my mums and they turned up 20 mins late, when I asked the driver why he was late he got a little defensive, then aggressive.

It was at this point that I noticed a strong odour of alcohol, needles to say I never got into the cab, just told him to leave then phoned back the company to tell them about it.
I found out he was pulled over and done for drink driving on the way back to the base.

The firm I use now send a text to me with the drivers name, make colour and reg of the car, and what the cost will be, so its pretty hard to get it wrong.


needs practice
I usually take a taxi at least once a week in the city of Chicago.

When expediency is necessary, you just gotta shell out some cash so that you can get to your destination on time. No big deal, and DON'T be afraid of not tipping if your cabbie is a douche bag or purposefully takes forever to get to where you're going. It's a tipping service and they earn it if they are good or not.


Well-Known Member
I've been in a taxi just one time. It was after I flew into Miami a few years ago.

I honestly didn't enjoy the experience. The guy was a really aggressive driver. Based on what I've heard from other people I assume many taxi drivers are like this.

In the future I will avoid getting into a taxi if I can help it.


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I always get a taxi home when I am out in the early hours of the morning when I can't get home by a train or tram. Melbourne's taxi drivers are brilliant compared to Sydney's, they are such bad drivers.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Yes, I've ridden in a taxi plenty of times, mostly in Chicago, but I have taken them in other cities as well. Sometimes they are the best way to get around if you don't have a car. I feel like they try to rip you off though, so I try to walk around the city whenever possible.


New Member
I have been in a lot of cabs, both in Aus and overseas. I use them most of the time because I am too drunk to drive. The other times I have used them is to get to the airport.


I'm serious
We don't have taxicabs in SA, really. Or at least not any you would risk your life getting in to. Hence our high numbers of drinking-driving accidents. But regardless, I have taken a taxicab more than I can count, between going clubbing in the UK with a group of friends, and many times in the States. I took a few in Chicago, and I even used the services a few times in New Orleans, despite there being a streetcar and living in walking distance to work from home. When I was only there a few weeks, I couldn't quite figure out how far exactly I was from work, so when I couldn't take the streetcar during Mardi Gras, I would take a cab. What a waste. Turned out I was less than a mile and a half from work - extremely walk-able distance.
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