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Riding a bike over a bridge arch


Well-Known Member
Daredevil Bikes Over Texas Bridge in Unconventional — and Illegal — Way | Video | TheBlaze.com

That's really interesting. I think we can all agree that he did manage to get his name out there with this stunt as was his stated goal.

Now, I think this is blatantly irresponsible because of the risks but it's kinda cool nonetheless. Thankfully there were no injuries and the bridge was undamaged.

Regardless, this is illegal and the police are saying they definitely will not be letting it fly in the future.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Yes it is cool but I wouldn't blame the cops if they arrested him. All it would take is a big gust of wind and he could be blown off the bridge. Then his parents would be suing because there was no blockades keeping someone off the arch.
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