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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by PretzelCorps, Dec 4, 2008.

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    As you probably all don't know, we recently had a federal election up here in Canada.

    A fair minority government was formed in favor of the Conservative party; much expected, and no surprise to Canada at all.

    Although Conservative views may not be popular in the world today, the playing field is a little more even in Canada --> A Liberal government is Hell-bent on introducing a "environmentally friendly" Cabon-based tax system. What this means is that regular income taxes would be reduced, in favor of carbon taxes (ie: taxes are based on how much carbon is released into the atmosphere)

    Although it is technically better for the environment, I do not support this idea, as it is very clearly a rich-get-richer and poor-get-poorer system --> Although income taxes would be lowered, carbon taxes would still affect the prices of everything else, including food, gasoline, and other common necessities. While higher-income families will be able to reduce the amount of taxes paid to the government by purchasing expensive hybrid cars and more energy efficient housing, lower income families will be stuck with the greater tax burden (since the powers that be have made it more cost-effective to pollute, than to be green, those fuckers :mad:)

    But enough personal opinion.

    Before I explain the political crisis at hand, I guess I should explain how Canad Politics works, first: People don't necessarily vote directly for the Prime Minister --> Instead, people vote for their local representative. Whoever is voted as the local rep (an MP), occupies a chair in the House of Commons --> Thus, whichever political party holds the most elected chairs, holds the majority of votes in the House of Commons, and thus, the direction of the government. The leader of that party is named the Prime Minister.

    Now, the political issue:

    So, a Conservative government was elected; evidently this did not settle well with the other political parties (Liberal, NDP, Bloc Quebecois) --> They've decided to form what they call a "Coalition Government".

    The Liberal, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois have merged their parties together to seize a "majority government", headed by the Liberal party, away from the democratically elected Conservative party --> Essentially, a majority government like this would mean that the Conservative party would have virtually no say in the policies and direction Canada takes.

    Canadian coalition moves to unseat prime minister | Worldfocus

    Now, although I voted Conservative myself, I would honestly not have any major issue with a Liberal government, had they been properly empowered during our last federal election. But they were not --> They are looking to seize complete power from the elected party, and they'd like to do without forcing another election.

    Should this go to another federal election, I won't be so offended by the power shift. (just pissed about the carbon tax)

    Should this not go to a federal election, however... This is not democracy --> This is a political coup. :shifteyes:

    What are your thoughts, GF?

    To better understand the issue:

    Liberal Party = Democratic Party

    Conservative Party = Republican Party

    Bloc Quebecois = A separatist party. Imagine Texas wanted to declare themselves their very own sovereign country, separate from America --> Their own economy, government, military, everything. This is Quebec and the Bloc.

    Coalition Government = Imagine John McCain suddenly teamed up with a group of other politicians, and named himself president. It's very broadly "legitimate", in the sense that it has never happened before, and you have absolutely no say in what happens with the issue.


  2. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    A majority of Canadians voted for 'not Conservative'. The idea that it is undemocratic for 'not Conservatives' to run the government is absurd.

    This is conservative propaganda. Parliamentary governments have changing coalitions all the time, it comes with the system.
  3. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    Had this Coalition taken place pre-election, I would not care.

    What I feel is undemocratic is the fact that I have absolutely no say at all in which direction this issue goes.

    Besides, using your logic --> People who voted NDP thus also voted "not Liberal". This is not just a two party system.

    I want a say in what happens to my country.



    GODFORBID the Bloc Quebecois should ever have a say in federal Canadian politics, let alone a THIRD of the bloody government. :urp:



    Would you be crying the same "propaganda" tune, had this been the USA and the Democratic party was being pushed out of the way?

    Or is your objective opinion simply based on the fact that it's a Conservative government taking the hit?
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  4. Bananas

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    I was surprised when I saw this story on the News.

    [SARCASM]Canada usually only gets mentioned when the Queen is visiting or your all out clubbin' seals, who'd have guessed you actually have a political system over there too.[/SARCASM]

    In all seriousness though this is not good, it highlights the flaw in a democracy that votes of persuation are usually the deciding factor when in a minority government. We had it here on a smaller scale where the minorities coalate to become the majority, or where a split vote is decided by the seperatists whos votes have been "bought".
  5. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    You probably saw it on the news, because 66% of Canada is losing their minds over it --> Basically, the only people that don't take any sort of issue with it, are the hardliner Liberal followers that don't really care what the party stands for, so long as it's called "Liberal".

    I miss the simpler days of Chretien, when the Conservative party were the evil opposition, and nobody wasted taxpayer money on ridiculous power-struggles. :-/


    Well, the Queen is technically involved in this, I believe --> She advises the Governor General, who decides whether to dissolve government, call an election, or *choke* make Stephane Dion Prime Minister.
  6. Bananas

    Bananas Endangered Species


    That is the exact article I read. Somthing about the Governor General (awesome job title:bow::vader:) needing to cancel his [strike]vacation[/strike] political emissary trip in Prague.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Parliament closed as PM clings to power - Times Online

    It's embarassing, and Canada are probably a laughing stock right now all over the world. This doesn't make sense.
  8. PentaCube

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    Wait...canada has problems? I had no idea :-o
  9. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    I'm surprised, and I'm not. :stare:

    I thought it would've went to election.

    I still trust the Conservatives with the economy, over the Liberals' Green-Shit plans and most certainly the Bloc Quebecois --> You have to understand the issues inherent of having a separatist party as the third largest political party in Canada. Their concerns are not forCanada >>> Only for Quebec (example - in some Quebec cities it is actually illegal to display any signs in English, despite Canada's so-called "bilingualism" ).

    I guess we just have to wait, to see what's going to happen January 26th --> The Conservatives cannot screw anything up too badly without a majority government, and the Liberals will get a chance to rethink their idiotic economic plans and perhaps find a better leader to replace that bloody shyster, Dion.
  10. Smelnick

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    Lol, I was going to make a new post about the latest governmental fiascos afflicting Canada, but I found Pretzel's old post and decided to chime in with a new article.

    Winnipeg Free Press

    Parliament is back in session and Harper is getting set to deliver his new budget. His job basically hangs on the line here. NDP and the Bloc Quebecois (or as I like to call it, Fucking Stinkydogs) are pretty much saying 'we don't care whats in the budget, we're voting against it. How mature eh? My brain interprets that as 'Fuck canada, I WANT POWER!' Thankfully, because of public demand, Stepped-In-Dung (Stefane Dion) stepped down as leader of the Liberals and Iggywhatever stepped up. As far as I've seen, he hasn't said anything about the Crapped-On Tax that Dung was proposing, so should the Coalition go through (heaven forbid) things might not be as bad neccesarily, as we originally feared.. Anyhow, as the article states, Iggy is actually going to look at the budget, and I don't foresee him having any problems with it. Why? Because Harper is sweating, he could care less about Canada, but he wants to be the leader of the pack, so he'll do whatever it takes to make the opposition happy, just to keep his job. Hopefully, the Liberals actually care enough about Canada, that the budget that makes them happy, is also one that benefits us Canadians.

    Just ask Pretzels, he's listened to me rant about this before. Yes, I make fun of the politians names and stuff, but I do take politics seriously enough. From my point of view, and it's limited since I don't watch the news enough, it seems like this coalition has boiled down to the point where whether or not Harper gets ousted, the coalition has power anyhow. Harper wants to keep his job badly enough, that he's going to turn into a liberal/new democratic/seperatist pleaser. Does anyone else see any irony in a seperatist party backing up a democratic party, and even furthur irony, with the 'demorcratic' party being involved in a coalition, that at it's roots, is wholly undemocratic. And the whole coalition itself being very bold and out there, thus not very liberal? Lets just hope that this coalition of irony keeps the unconservative Harper from dropping any unconservative bomb shells in the next budget. If he screws it up though, I can sort of understand. I have a hard enough time making a budget for myself, let alone one for an entire nation.

    Either way, all I can do is rant, since it's not like I have a say. Why don't we get to vote on this? Why should the LPCNDPBQ be able to just oust the C. Personally, I think it should go to vote. But then, since none of the parties actually care about Canada (Yes that's right, the Green party included. I saw what you tried to do there last election elizabeth may), and the LPCNDPBQ know that we don't want them, so they'll try whatever tactics it takes to keep us from NOT choosing them again.

    What are you thoughts on these strange Canadian politics?
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