Ricky Williams reinstated, Dolphins get two-week roster exemption


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DAVIE, Fla. -- Ricky Williams was reinstated by the NFL on Wednesday after being suspended for more than 18 months, and the winless Miami Dolphins may welcome him back.

The 2002 league rushing champion was scheduled to fly to South Florida for a physical on Thursday and meet with Miami coach Cam Cameron, said Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg.

The first-year Dolphins coach, whose team is 0-9, has given no indication publicly he welcomes the return of Williams. But Steinberg said he was encouraged by a phone conversation on Wednesday with Matt Thomas, Dolphins general counsel-football administration.

"His indication was they were interested in Ricky," Steinberg said. "The spirit of the discussion was welcoming. It was a very similar discussion to what you would have regarding a draft choice or any returning player. The only contingent was whether they would have him practice Friday or Monday."

The Dolphins offered no immediate comment on Williams' reinstatement. His return would be only part of backfield shakeup -- rookie quarterback John Beck was promoted to the first team Wednesday and will make his NFL debut Sunday at Philadelphia.



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Same here, I am hoping that he'll be back to his old form where he use to rush for over 1500 yards. I doubt that we'll see that Ricky Williams, but I believe he still should make an impact. Can't wait to see him in uniform once again.
Ricky will be in good shape being that he played in the CFL all of the time he has been suspended from the NFL. Ricky is a powerful back who can run you over if you try to tackle him high.

I would think this would fire up the Dolphins because their star running back Ronnie Brown is out for the season with a torn ACL. Now when you replace him with a running back like Rickie Williams who you know is going to get those extra yards, the team has got to be siked up.


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Well the Dolphins are surely going to make the playoffs now.

Naw, I'm glad that he's back I've always liked him and I hope he does well in his whatever stint this is in the NFL.


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DAVIE, Fla. -- Ricky Williams arrived at the Miami Dolphins complex riding in a team van late Thursday morning, ready to resume his NFL career after a 1 1/2-year suspension -- if the team wants him.

Williams' suspension ended Wednesday when he was reinstated by the NFL. The announcement came only hours after Dolphins coach Cam Cameron decided to give the quarterback job to rookie John Beck, who will make his NFL debut Sunday at Philadelphia.

The back-to-back developments might provide exactly the sort of shakeup a winless team needs. Cameron was mum regarding whether the winless Dolphins want Williams back, but linebacker Joey Porter said he would love to have the 2002 NFL rushing champion as a teammate "just because we're 0-9."
"I don't care who you got ... if you could run the ball like Ricky did," Porter said. "I mean, right now I'd do anything for a victory."

Williams wasn't on the field for the start of practice Thursday. Instead, he watched from behind a window in the players' lounge as he ate an apple.
Williams, who has played in only 12 games since the start of the 2004 season, arrived at the Dolphins' complex to meet with Cameron. The first-year Miami coach said he talked with Williams by phone for "five or six minutes" Wednesday, but hadn't made a decision about activating him.

"I want to see where he is, and also let him know where we're headed, and we'll go from there," Cameron said.