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Rick Santorum's google bomb


not a plastic bag
A google bomb is when massive amounts of websites create a link to another site that contains a specific search word in order to place that search word on top of google rankings. The most famous google bomb was a few years ago millions of liberal websites hyperliked "miserable failure" with The White House. So when you typed miserable failure into google the first search result was whitehouse.gov. The miserable failure google bomb was very well done and was very funny.

Rick Sanotrum has been google bombed. When you type santorum or rick santorum in google one of the first results is a horribly vile website spreadingsantorum.com. The reason this site is doing so well with the search results is because millions of people are hyperlinking their sites and blogs with the spreadingsantorum link.

I find it disgusting that so many people would do this. The problem I have is most people, including a lot of kids that are researching for school, shouldn't be hit with spreadingsantorum when trying to find info on Santorum.


A Darker Knight
Actually, if you google 'santorum' right now, you get the results of the NH primary, the campaign for "santorum' neologism, and rick's wiki page before you get to the spreadingsantorum definition.

I don't know if that's much of an improvement. The new definition of his name is pretty much known by all who've even barely kept up with media coverage.

I suppose what's happened to his name is an important detail of his political career too. One of his defining characteristics is his anti-gay sentiment.


Embrace the Suck
Honestly I don't know much about google bombs but this just solidifies my feelings on so much of the internet being idiotic and immature. This doesn't surprise me. It's sad that a kid doing a school project or just wanting to know more about the political process might see this filth.


Problematic Shitlord
As much as I agree that Santorum is a disgusting person and a horrible candidate, I think it is a bit much. However, I think this just shows how the modern information game is played. It's lowbrow and lowest common denominator and I'm sure we'll see more of it from both 'teams'.