Richard Zednik in stable condition


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This is scary stuff. Zednik was cut by a skate blade in the throat. - News

Nearly 20 years after the city of Buffalo watched in horror as the skate of St. Louis Blues forward Steve Tuttle collided with the throat of Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk, a similar scenario unfolded at HSBC Arena on Sunday night.

Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik was rushed to a Buffalo hospital after the skate blade of teammate Olli Jokinen struck the side of Zednik’s neck. Blood gushed out as Zednik raced to the Panthers’ bench, where he was immediately attended to by Florida trainer Dave Zenobi.

Zednik is in stable condition and resting comfortably after undergoing surgery at Buffalo General Hospital to close a laceration in his neck.

“I wasn’t here for it, but I’ve seen the Malarchuk thing,” Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said. “That was an eerie memory of it.”

Zednik was skating into the right corner of the Sabres’ zone midway through the third period of a 5-3 loss to the Sabres when Jokinen was upended by Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell. As Jokinen was falling head-first to the ice, his right skate flew up and caught Zednik in the neck.

The game was delayed for more than 15 minutes as the zamboni was needed to help clean the blood from the ice.

''My mind was not on the hockey game,'' said Jokinen, who is also the Panthers’ captain. ''If it was my call, I would have gone to the hospital with him.''

“The fact that he had the sense to come over to the bench and not waste any time allowed our trainer to give him attention,” Florida coach Jacques Martin said. “I thought the medical team here in Buffalo was quick to react. As soon as he got into the dressing room, I think they were able to stabilize him and stop the bleeding, which was probably crucial.”

Panthers spokesman Justin Copertino said the team was making arrangements to have Zednik's wife, Jessica, fly from South Florida to Buffalo by a charter flight Sunday night. The team was scheduled to return to Miami, but assistant general manager Randy Sexton and
Zenobi were going to stay behind to be with Zednik.

Referee Bill McCreary consulted with Martin and NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell in the tunnel leading to the Panthers’ locker room, where Martin admitted there was thought to postponing the remainder of the game. But an announcement was made shortly thereafter that Zednik was in stable condition and was in transit to a local hospital, which drew a classy standing ovation from the Buffalo crowd.

Colin Campbell was in the building because his son, Gregory Campbell, plays forward for the Panthers.

“I think there was some consideration,” Martin said. “I guess the fact that he was stable and under medical care was the information relayed to us and we finished the game.”

Martin said he was unable to see the play unfold from the Panthers’ bench. But he felt at least a little bit better upon hearing the news that Zednik was en route to the hospital.

“I didn’t see it, being close to the boards,” Martin said. “I was told it was a skate of one of our players. The only thing we knew then was that he was being looked after by the doctor. He was conscious and he was on his way to the hospital.”

Players from both sides admitted they had an extremely tough time focusing on the remainder of the game once play resumed.

''It's really hard to come back and focus on hockey,'' Panthers alternate captain Bryan Allen said. ''Hockey's a small part of life when you see something like that happen. It's hard to put it in the back of your mind and continue playing.''

“I don’t want to see anymore of that,” Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said. “I hope he’s going to be alright. I’m just glad I didn’t have a lot of shots after that, because it was hard to re-focus. You feel for the guy. It could be any one of us out there on any given night. That kind of stuff happens. You just never know.”
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I just saw that. I can't believe a skate got up that high. Anytime skates, sticks, and especially pucks come up, you kinda have to forget you're playing hockey and just get the hell out of there.


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Well he had to have life saving surgery. This is very scary stuff, I'm very glad that he's ok, and it's not going to get worst. Zednik was one of my favorite players when he played for the Canadiens, and I still enjoy watching him today, I'm happy that he's o.k and hopefully he will be able to play hockey again.


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Florida Panthers - News: Buffalo General Hospital Update: Richard Zednik - 02/11/2008

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Richard Zednik remains in stable condition this afternoon at Buffalo General Hospital.

Sonya Noor, M.D., the attending surgeon for Zednik, said the injured player would remain in the intensive care unit and will be evaluated throughout the day.

Zednik, 32, was injured during the Buffalo Sabres-Florida Panthers game at the HSBC Arena. His wife Jessica flew to Buffalo late Sunday night along with Karen Cohen, the wife of Florida Panthers General Partner and Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer Alan Cohen.

Panthers Assistant General Manger Randy Sexton, who remained in Buffalo with Zednik last night stated, “The entire Panthers organization wish to extend their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the medical staff at Buffalo General Hospital, the Buffalo Sabres organization, the HSBC Arena staff and to the Panthers and Sabres fans who have expressed their thoughts and concerns.”

More information regarding the surgical procedure will be made available later this afternoon. At this point, there is no formal press conference scheduled. However, as details become available, we will alert you.

Dr. Noor and Richard Curl M.D., are with Buffalo Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Associates (BEVSA) at Buffalo General Hospital.

About Buffalo General Hospital

Buffalo General Hospital ( is located on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in downtown Buffalo, New York. A major teaching affiliate of the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Buffalo General offers a number of diverse medical treatments through multiple clinical inpatient departments and outpatient programs. Among its many outstanding services are the only Chest Pain Center in Western New York (nationally accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers), the Buffalo Niagara MRI Center, the Comprehensive Weight-Loss and Bariatric Surgery ASBS Center of Excellence, the area’s premier kidney/pancreas transplant program and more.
Glad he's OK, bad weekend for hockey since the referee in saturday's rangers/flyers game took a skate to the face and now has broken bones in his face


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According to all the news feeds I've been getting it hasn't really been that big of a deal other than just the initial Shock. He was properly taken care of immediately and the doctors took great care of him. We'll see him back in no time. Malarchuk was back within 2 weeks.....I wouldn't be surprised to see him back just as soon. Although the initial note is 6 weeks, but we all know how doctors like to play it safe!

Along with those news feeds have been the topics of better neck protection. They had mentioned how Canadian Youth leagues have a neck protector, but its not as prominate in the USA.

My thoughts are I highly doubt we'll ever see NHL players wearing a special neck pad for this kind of deal. However I could imagine seeing maybe an Underarmor endorsed "Kevlar" style turtle neck undershirt. Most all Underarmor undershirts are turtle necks as it is, why not make a special reinforced w/ Kevlar neck area. It wouldn't tack on that much more weight and there would be no new pads that you would have to get a hold of. Routines could stay the same and the players would be more protected.
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Zednik is still in intensive care, but the doctors have said that he'll be fine and he'll probably release this weekend. When Zednik woke up for the first time after the surgery the first thing he ask was "When can I start trainning again" the nurse replied next year. So that's good news that he won't need to retire because of this freak accident.