Ric Flair returns to WWE


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Ric Flair returned to WWE tonight at Judgment Day.

Flair came out and interfered during the Batista vs Randy Orton match, saving Batista from Legacy.

The man cannot stay away.


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I cannot believe he came back, well yes I can. Now lets hope that he won't wrestle. But I have a strong feeling will see him in the ring wrestling once again.


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Yeah I can't say I'm pissed he came back...it's always awesome to have him around. I just dont want him wrestling...he can be Batista manager for all I care.


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I can't see any chance of him wrestling again. I mean the opening of his speech was "Last night I wrestled my very last match at Wrestlemania. I will never, ever, wrestle in this ring again." To get back into the ring would really undermine that whole tribute, which was a pretty great memorable night. Only thing is, it's hard to stay out fo the ring completely even as a manager. You always find yourself getting involved, and hopefully it doesn't lead to him being in actual matches.

I was kind of hoping he'd be big into his role as ROH ambassador but i don't think his heart will even be in ROH like it is in WWE.
He shouldn't wrestle since you had that whole storyline involved with him retiring. You can't pull a Cher or Celion Dion and say this is your final show, but then come back a year later. No dice, Flair, my man.

Him being a commentator or having some backstage pull is always good. I wouldn't suggest having any involvement (manager, "bud", ect..) in the matches due to the possibility of him getting in a match down the road.
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Totally in agreeance that if he comes back and wrestles it’s entirely undermines everything after Wrestlemania and his tribute.

It’s sad in a way that they just can’t stay away. I’d prefer if he came back in a non-wrestler role. Mind you, with the alimony he owes his 3 ex-wives… He really would need to work!