Ric Flair is Furious at the WWE

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Veloci-T, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Veloci-T

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    Ric Flair is furious that the WWE is misusing him, and hes even more furious that he's only in a dark match at wrestlemania and not in an official wrestlemania match

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Well flair has to realize that he represents the older generation of wrestlers that can still have a good match from time to time but he is not the main event anymore. It's time for the young guys to get their careers started up at mania and such.
  3. Omega

    Omega Ω

    I do not remember hearing this anywhere, I heard that carlito was pissed not flair. I doubt ric would care ether way as long as he gets paid. Infact WrestleMania dark match was just a last minute throw in to try and make Carlito happy because he is not happy about the way they are using him, he is pissed that they have him play face, he is pissed that he has to team up with flair even though he respect flair. Also he thinks he works best alone and as a heel.
  4. andrew_bishop

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    Yeah I think so as well. He was in bigger matches and used in better situations as a heel rather than a face. I think after he lost the IC title to Flair it was basically the fall of his early days. A move back to smackdown could revive the kid though.
  5. I agree the worst moment he had of S/D was when Taker gave him a tombstone after accepting Randy Ortins challenge for Mania 21. Other than that he was pretty good, then of course everyone remembers him getting drafted to Raw.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    And his capture of the IC title his first night. I guess they should have booked that into the storyline a little differently or have keeped him as a heel instead of making him face , That was a dumb move I think.
  7. True can't disagree with you there, even though it was kinda funny seeing the Deadman doing that to him.

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