Ric Flair Heads Back To Court Due To Wife

The Charlotte Observer reports today that Ric Flair's former wife wanted her Carolina Panthers tickets - even if it meant having her ex-husband, one of Charlotte's best-known celebrities, held in contempt of court. Here is an exert:

Elizabeth Fliehr (Ric Flair's real name is Richard Fliehr) on Tuesday sought to have Ric Flair cited for contempt and told to abide by a judge's order that she receive her share of this season's Panthers tickets. It didn't work out the way she had hoped. Mecklenburg District Judge Jane Harper didn't hold the pro wrestler in contempt. The judge said she did not find that Ric Flair had willfully refused to comply with her Oct. 5, 2005, order that he share his Panthers tickets with his estranged wife. Ric Flair said during Tuesday's hearing that he had not renewed his seat license and could no longer buy season tickets. He said he hadn't gone to any Panthers games this season. "I didn't have them, and I couldn't get them," Ric Flair said. Ric Flair's lawyer, Bill Diehl, called Elizabeth Fliehr's motion to have her former husband cited for contempt over the Panthers tickets frivolous.