Ric Flair DFT Carlito

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    ST. LOUIS – When confrontations erupt between mentors and their former students, emotions tend to run high. That was definitely the case at Judgment Day, when the legendary Ric Flair faced his former protégé Carlito.

    Carlito’s attitude and in-ring performances had been improving exponentially ever since the veteran Flair took him under his wing. After a successful run as tag team partners, the “Nature Boy” and the South Paw from San Juan had a falling out when Carlito turned on Flair unexpectedly. Luckily, it takes a lot to surprise the Dirtiest Player in the Game, and Flair responded to Carlito’s attack in kind.

    During the match, Flair taught the disrespectful Carlito a serious lesson as his famous chops lit up the younger man’s chest like a Christmas tree. With our fans going wild, Flair locked in the Figure Four Leglock forcing Carlito to tap out. With a loss in one of the most important matches of his career, Carlito learned the lesson that countless Superstars have received over the years: Don’t mess with the “Nature Boy.”

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    I really didn't like this match. Mostly cause I didn't like either person in the match. Didn't really care which way it went but I guess it was a good way to start off the PPV.
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    carlito isn't a good Wrestler neither is orton
    Cena has his fans but with edge and batista how long can it last...

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