RIAA = Satan


Hell, It's about time!
You know I understand the copyright stuff... but the RIAA needs to get off its high horse and get with the times. People don't buy CD's anymore.

I understand copyright infringement is a crime... but to the point where they have to shut down youtube videos and fine people thousands of dollars per violation?

Do you think the RIAA has gone too far?
YouTube is constantly bitching over more than just music but also videos of actual quality stuff. To me the RIAA is just being greedy and trying to cling on to something when they really need to just adapt to the present and work with the iPod or computer systems. They take all the fun out of owning CDs anyway.

To put it simply, fuck the RIAA.


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Well, whether or not people buy CD's anymore is one thing. There are options available such as iTunes and Amazon where people can buy MP3's.

The RIAA is technically within it's rights to charge people with copyright violations. Legally, it's the people who "share" or "steal" music that are in the wrong and it's highly unlikely there will be any new laws to make things any less strict any time soon.


Hell, It's about time!
Well I'm not really talking about regular limewire downloads. I'm talking about having a song in your personal video on youtube. Do you think the RIAA has taken that too far?
Personally I say fuck them again if they make me go through a whole bunch of bullshit just so I can put up a custom-made video with music in it. They sent me an email about one of my videos about the copyright and after realizing it was just dumb shit I just took it down after almost 3 years.
I've thought the RIAA was stepping over the line when they started suing people just for transferring CDs that they bought onto their MP3 player. They are on a power trip and are trying to get money however they can.
I don't even remember the last time I bought a CD with music on it, I just use Limewire and make CDs of my own. It's less stress for me, less money I have to shell out and I can just pick songs from an album rather than listen to the whole thing and only get 2 good songs.

And an obligatory fuck the RIAA.