RFI creative workaround for phone conferencing


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I am looking for a creative way to obtain cheap or free phone conferencing for my church. All services offer cheap or free conferencing for a toll number but we don't want our disabled members to have to pay long distance charges just to listen to meetings. When you sign up for a toll-free number the price goes through the roof.
A salesman for GoToMeeting suggested that we could obtain a 3rd party 800 number that could be pointed at their bridge and their system would would work with that. Does anybody have any step by step info. on how this could be accomplished? Also, If this would be accomplished with an 800 number then would a local number work also?
Web confrencing with phone audio is a tantalizing option but the broadband connection would just about deplete the budget. Is there any software that we could use that would enable us to create our own bridge? Any suggestions would help.
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How many people do you need to be able to have on the phone call at once? I have a few ideas but it depends on how many people you need to have.