Rey leaving the WWE?


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There was a lot of talk during the Smackdown side of the Mexico tour that Rey Mysterio is coming closer and closer to finishing his WWE tenure up when his current contract expires. The two sides have been negotiating for some time and they are apart on money. Mysterio, realizing he's been working hurt and drawing money for the company, wants to make sure they promise him more money, especially as he gets closer to the tail end of his career. WWE is a little hesitant to do that given the number of injuries Mysterio has suffered and major events that he hasn't been able to work, including several Wrestlemania PPVs.

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This would be a huge loss for the WWE because he brings a lot of ticket sales and merchandise sales. But personally I wouldn't miss him at all. I think he's been pretty boring for the last few years both in the ring and especially on the microphone.


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Not really surprised to see this. I've heard he's been interested in going to AAA for a good while now. He has opportunities to make even more money there than in the WWE.

He's been stale for ridiculously long now and i think a lot of people will be glad to see him go. I just hope they have him feud with Dos Caras Jr. before he leaves. They're looking to push Caras as a heel and Mysterio would be THE perfect person to put him over.

After he pretty much single handedly killed Ziggler's push last year it'd be nice to see him put someone over before he leaves.


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Haven't personally enjoyed Mysterio for a while now so I wouldn't be that sad if he goes. He's beyond stale.

The WWE has his replacement already with Caras Jr anyways. Read that he had a dark match and he cut a heel promo in Spanish and said that if you didnt understand him then you need to learn Spanish. Rey makes a lot of money for the WWE and he probably deserves a pay increase but I understand the injuries concerns. We shall see.


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I heard about the dark match Caras Jr had as well, and in a recent Vicky Guerrero interview she said that Caras Jr will have a bright future in the WWE. I’ve seen a few of his stuff and he does have talent. I just wonder when we’ll see him in the WWE.

Like wooly said, it would be great if Rey’s last feud would be against Caras Jr and he puts him over. It would be a good way to pass the torch, but that’s if he’s willing to do so. We all know that Rey is a big baby sometimes.


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I don't see "OG" carrying himself the same after the juice scandal. Some of his enthusiasm for the spotlight seems to have waned. It would have to be hard to look all those kids in the eyes and wonder whether or not they knew. I won't really miss him, but not for that reason. Like some of you are saying, it just got old. "Hurry up and get the 619 over with, already."

Dos Caras, I don't know. I've never seen a match of his that I can remember. Any legacy is worth a look to me, though, and I never mind if there's a bit of luchador flavor to my week.


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Honestly, I wouldn't care if Rey left. He's been stale for a while now as the underdog, but regardless, it would be sad to see him leave before he wants to.