Revolution of The Sheeple: History is a Fabrication


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Dear Sheppards and Wolves,

In a harmonious environment, nothing seems impossible, but in a contentious environments pressure inhibits virtue, and people are driven to pursue self-destructive, onerous paths against their will. US (or rather America, a more legitimate title) should be the first nation to initiate disarmament, for they are at the summit of power thus making them the artist of the present. Another reason we should initiate disarmament is we are most responsible for abusing military capabilities. Government’s primary or sole purpose is to ease the tensions of subject citizenry… when law renders tension as oppose to benefit it has become a violation of our rights. War is an excuse for negligence and refusal to change. So since “they” plan to keep stations across the world indefinitely, negligence to the people will be perpetual unless “we” make demands, which will be accomplished through military reluctance or rationalized civil disobedience, thus allying the people against the elite, and guaranteeing successful Revolution.

The more leaders that instill hope in the masses for a more utopian lifestyle, while working to prevent lifestyle altercations of the wealthy, the closer utopia will be to becoming reality. Appeasement is the best expedient because of the lack of a strong central arbitrator in Iraq... We are appeasing people, not a ruthless dictator, therefore making it the most prudent decision. As for Osama, or whomever they assume holds power in Al Qaeda, we should begin to think about his motive, which is significantly more just than his action.

If I were to get assassinated for my beliefs, it would make me a martyr that desired change and/or mercy, but earned sacrifice.

No one has come to an agreement to pursue a Utopia, because the idea is shunned and rebuked with preconceived notions of the universality of a selfish, avaricious, human nature... However, people will come to terms with slight progressive changes that benefit the people. The key is to continue these slight improvements in policy in a pathway to peace, liberty, and prosperity... War obstructs this plan, and diverts domestic attention into looking abroad, in fear, occupied with work, and under no condition to begin pondering improvement or reformation, plus other impediments such as the conformity to equality and the impersonal relationship, in compensation for enormous populations, that the people have with the government, plus the limitation of the circulation of foreign and domestic policy information... The problem is, the only way to end this war, is by revolutionaries within America to begin demanding a written and dictated reformation, not to disrupt strategy, but to alleviate strategy by separating us from the government thus altering the mentality of our governments adversary, providing the world with an innovative flow of ideas that might yield both international consent, and respite.

Yours Truly,

God's Lost Sheep: Zachary Scott McBride