Revolution and you!


In light of all the recent talk on how revolution is needed, and perhaps might be long overdue already at this point in time, I thought it might be helpful to go through the necessary steps in successfully facilitating - a revolution! Not to mention the few points one should endavour to avoid when the spirits and freedom is running particularly high.

For a revolution, one needs:
1. A credible threat.

A threat must exist in either of the following ways. The establishment must be genuinely fearful of the revolutionaries. This means they must be genuinely threatened, or believe to be threatened, to such an extent that the elite will resort to physically reinforcing the class- divide.

Or, the supporters of the current establishment must feel threatened to such an extent that they will demand the establishment to intervene on their behalf against the threat.

2. A bloodbath.

Or at least a few very violent deaths. This will demonstrate the oppressive nature of the establishment and cement all peace- loving peoples everywhere, in their quest for peace and all good things, and make everyone settle their differences very quickly (see: Bush in Iraq).

3. A really important piece of paper.

What's the word.. yes, a "manifest" of some kind. That will lay out (in general terms) how the new government will eventually become much more peaceful and loved than the current one, and how it will kill people less conspicuously to protect the good and upstanding citizens. Instead of only protecting those leeching off the poor while doing no work on their own.

4. Ideals.

The best revolutionaries will quickly claim monopoly on things like "liberty", "freedom", "patriotism" and "justice". This in order to ensure that when things go pear- shaped, one can always be certain that as long as the revolution lives, "liberty", "freedom", "patriotism" and "justice" will be exactly what we say it is. Even when it is not. In other words: "[insert ideology here] cannot fail, [insert ideology here] can only be failed". (Remember that, and repeat it as often as you are able).

5. Strong leadership.

At least for a while, you understand. Now, I know what you're going to say. "Oh, don't you think it's a bit against all that freedom and justice stuff to appoint a supreme ruler to oversee the grand vision of the movement, instead of - as soon as we're physically able (and have tossed all the martini- drinking pundits on the pyre) - carrying out reforms and so on to find better ways to represent all of us. You know, to truly end all the injustice, like you said, you son of a bitch!".

But one must understand that there are a lot of dangers in the world that the reborn state would be vulnerable against. Why, think of all the terrorists, for instance, who are waiting for the opportune moment to kill us all. Waiting for the moment to wipe out the greatest country in the world and all her true citizens - in one swift stroke!

Meaning that once we've removed the degenerates in power at the present (and installed some of our people instead) - there must be continuity. Why, without which the sorely needed reforms might be indefinitely put on hold, for the simple reason that there would be no protection under which our new democracy (with certain limitations) might operate.

Without a carefully nurtured trade, the revolutionaries would have nothing to eat, for instance. Or anything to print slogans on.

And that would be a successful revolution(tm), and may be repeated several times - as many as are necessary for "freedom to win and good to triumph over evil"!

(That's what they say at the school of americas, anyway.)

Now go(!), and be the revolution! Free and just!

p.s, apologies in advance.


Come back to the forum again with this idea if the democrats win the presidency. LOL.


I know I've advocated revolution, but not a violent one. Instead, i advocate a revolution in our political spectrum and the apathy our society has. I most certinly would not support a communist revolution. If one ever happened, I would take my gun to the front lines and fight tooth and nail to keep this country free.