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Revisiting DVDs


aka ginger warlock
At the moment I am currently working my way through the Gilmore Girls. I am halfway through season one and remembering why I loved it so much first time around. This is not a new thing for me, I usually do it once a month with something like The Big Bang Theory and after GG I intend to go back to the beginning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Do you often do the same sort of thing and if so how often and is there any specific tv show or movie you do so on? Why do you go back to the ones you do and how often have you seen one show over time?


Are you just talking about TV shows or movies? Either way I usually only buy something on DVD if I know I want to watch it many times. Especially TV shows. Basically every TV show I own I go through every year or two and rewatch all the episodes.


I definitely do this. Some of the TV series I've revisited a handful of times are The O.C., The Sopranos, Dawson's Creek, The Office, Bones, Community, Scrubs & Modern Family. I plan on making a second pass through Lost in a few months, when some of the story has faded a little.

I do it because those are some of my favorite shows, with some of my favorite storylines.


Free Spirit
Staff member
A couple of months ago I finished watching all 10 seasons of Star Gate. I liked that show and never missed an episode when it was on but I wanted to see it all again. There are other TV shows and movies that I have on DVD that I like to go back and watch. It also beats the heck out of watching a new show that isn't that good and putting up with all the commercials.


Sally Twit
I watch an old DVD most days. Just last week I finished re-watching 'Six Feet Under' for the umpteenth time. The DVD's in my collection never get old and I'll happily watch them over and over, until my dying day.
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