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Revising your auction...2 to 6 hours for indexing ugggg


Registered Member
Ok so last night I put up another auction...I featured it and made it bold with a gallery pic....all the things to make it get seen...Right???
well it never showed up on the listing or even in my "sellers other items" so I revised and made sure everything was in place.....ohhh then someone pointed out to me that I spelled T-Shirts....T-Shits again...hahah why do I do that?? anyway, had to revise again for that...well still did not come up....so I went to Live Chat asked where my listing was...she told me it takes 2 to 6 hours for indexing....ok so I wake up this morning and I think ok I am going to add music....so I added "kokomo" hehehe Love that song.....So I go and check to see if my listing is showing and OMG its not there........14 hours later I go to live chat again.....he tells me that I revised again this morneng and that I have to give it another 2 to 6 hours for indexing.....EVERYTIME I REVISE I HAVE TO WAIT!!!!
So he said stop revising...I said OK, but I paid for featured, gallery, border, and bold and I don't think that just because I revised I should have to wait when the revision come up in "MY EBAY" right away.....

So basically I never noticed this before...but if you revise you may have to wait 2 to 6 hours for Indexing....and this could mean watchers and hits GONE!!! Even jeprodize the pulse if that is where you are heading! I have been revising my auctions forever and never had this happen before....is this EBAY trying to put a stop to all the revisions????? You pay top dollar for a featured Auction and you could waiste part of your time you paid for because of revisions...;uggggggggggggggg