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Movies Review - The Inbetweeners Movie


aka ginger warlock
Its has been a while since I have really sat down and watched a teen comedy, especially one that made me laugh, had good writing, good direction and good comedic timing. The first American Pie film was and still is one of the great teen comedies for me, I still have AP1 & 2 on DVD, the third was an okay film and the forth I have been told will actually be okay, but then you start looking at the rubbish that was made after that.

I had never seen The Inbetweeners, it was a show I had seen advertised on Channel 4 & E4 here in the UK I just never got around to watching it, as a result I knew nothing of the characters and yet that didn't matter, as soon as I started watching the film I fell in love with them, one could suggest they are affectively a rip off of the AP film, I haven't see the series but I really don't understand why Jay would hang around with Will in the first place in the same way that in the real world there is no way Oz would have hung around with Finch, I have been to school, I know these people, hell I was Will & Finch but not as intelligent so I know for a fact it wouldn't happen and yet for some reason this didn't bother me. The bond that Jay had with Will was fantastic to watch, you could tell they all really cared for each other because they were all social rejects in their own way.

The story is a very simple one and I hate to reference AP again but it is very similar to AP2, four lads afraid of the world, unwilling to admit it so they have a massive blow out before they go on in the world, the only difference is in AP2 they have been in Uni for one year, in TIM they haven't gone yet but the sentiment is still the same and I don't think that is a bad thing. Yes the film is crude, yes it is not the film you would watch if you want high brow entertainment but if you want an honest film about how the majority of teens live there lives this is an account. Personally I don't see the draw, I never have and this only confirms for me that I have every reason never to go on these holidays.

The one thing I will say is I found the ending a little bit smolsty, how everything ended so nicely and happily when in reality it just wouldn't have but hey, its a film, maybe I need to learn to suspend my disbelief a little bit more.


I am the woolrus
I saw this film for the first time the other day and absolutely loved it! Haven't laughed that much in a long time.

I enjoy the series quite a bit so was familiar with the characters, but i agree you don't really need it to enjoy the film at all. Wish i went to see it in the cinema though, absolutely brilliant flick! it's worth watching just for the dance scene alone :p


Sally Twit
One thing you need to know about The Inbetweeners is that it is not supposed to be realistic. It's supposed to be outrageous and over the top.
Watch the series and you'll see how Will became friends with all of them.


No Custom Title Exists
I am actually glad that I watched the series before I went out and watched the movie, trust me it's 10 times funnier if you know the characters really well and their moves are so predictable hence why it's more funnier. When I went to see it, no one laughed as hard as my mate and I did.

Agreed on the ending, it was a bit dodgy but that's how ALL episodes of the series were, there was no grudges ever held against each other considering how many times they've cock blocked each other and had fights.