Revenge of the Sith 'L33T' trailer


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It's amazing what people will put themselves through for publicity, even though it's kinda is job. You know there had to be a trick somewhere.


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Watch the video- the end looks bluescreened. Anyway, Lance Burton is a pretty awesome magician, but that particular "trick" (if you can call it that) was almost a waste of time. He has much better work.


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I hadn't heard of him before. This kindof stuff is stupid though.

Ohhh, I'm so skillful because I can tie myself to a roller coaster and then untie myself in time to save myself from certain death..

How about, I'm smart enough to not get into life threatening situations by my own free will.

I'll take option B. :)

As for that video though, I have a hard tiem believing he was ever in any real danger. If they filmed it all in one shot and didn't use cuts and angles that might be one thing, but it would be easy to time the last 10 seconds, and then play the rest up like it was real.