Returning as a non-employee?


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Say you work in a shop where most people go to buy things, like a food shop or a clothes shop and you leave your job there, do you or would you ever feel awkward going back to the shop to buy things as a customer?

Would you chat with your ex-coworkers or would you feel odd going in there knowing you have worked there?


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I worked at Dillard's department store when I was in college and there are a few people still working there from when I was there. It has it's pros and cons. When I go in they always come up to me and chat when I want to just look around and not be bothered. But the guy in the suit department (who is one of the main chat offenders when I walk in) also calls me and tells me when things are going on sale and will even hold suits in the back for me until they go on sale. So overall it's a good thing.


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I'll only talk to the people I got along with, if I hated the place and the employees then I'll rarely go back as a customer.

If I really need to go then I'll try to avoid contact with people, and if someone says hey then I'll say it back, but other than that just grab my stuff and go.


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I always feel really awkward going back to places that I've worked at in the past, even if I enjoyed the job and got on with the people. I just feel really odd that I used to work there. I try my best not to return to places that I've worked before, but when I have to then I just go in and try not to look at the other employees or make eye contact, as BR said. Seems really childish but I just always feel really awkward.
The shop I used to work in is right across the road from where I live at home, so when I'm back there it's kind of hard to avoid because it's by far the most convenient place to go. I know what you mean about feeling awkward, for sure. But luckily this shop has a ton of employees that I never even got to work with because my shifts were very specific. I'd only see people I know working there if I went in at certain times on certain days.

I do, however, still see my manager and a couple of the older people at the tills who seem to be aalways working. That's kind of weird but whatever.


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I used to work in Coles for a week during my work experience, I pretty much got along with the workers there bar the fucking boss who was an absolute fucking nightmare. I am mates now with two of the blokes that work there and they are my age, so it's always nice to go back to the store and see everybody.


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When ever I go back to the tim hortons I worked at, its a little awkward. But not too awkward if someone I know is working there. Surprisingly there still is a few people left there to joke around with.