Return From The Different Dimension Saturday, May 20th 2006

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Sorry for the late review. I was Bessy playing for cards.

Okie this is one of the most broken cards of the format. With people using multiple copies of flip effects and a number of Chaos Sorcerers this thing is getting allot of play.

In todays meta it will give you an instant OTK effect or protect you from an OTK. This card is very deadly in playing against as well as even playing. My advice to you if you are playing against this is to be causes. If not your screwed.

The best way to play against a return build is to have Mobius, Jinzo, or any other card that can negate or destroy the return. It's also effective if you can find a way to stop your opponent from getting things into the remove pile. There are a number of cards such as Spell Canceler that can stop noblemans from getting multiple flips in the grave as well as other cards.

Trust me when I say this. Return is a problem so play save. If you are using it you still have to worry because it may just hurt you if not played right. Please play this card with extrem caution and if played against you please use even more caution.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4.0/5
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