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Retail Stores tracking you via Smartphone


Free Spirit
Staff member
Some retail stores are keeping up with your movements in their store through your smartphone. These phones sends out identifying information that they can track. They place several Wi-Fi base-stations around their store and it picks up on this information.

I don't think I really like the idea of them tracking me like that even though I know they are getting video of my every step. You do have to prevent shop lifting. This though is different, I worry that they can end up with enough information they know where you live. Privacy advocates have brought this up.

What is your take on it? Would it bother you?

The system used by Nordstrom and several other firms, provided by Euclid Analytics, can precisely track the movements of individual phones, even though they never actually connect to a Wi-Fi network. How does it work?

How do smartphones reveal shoppers’ movements?


Problematic Shitlord
I don't like any tracking like this although it does seem like this is mostly about marketing. They want to see what is catching their customers' attention and what isn't. It sounds acceptable to most but once again, I think security cameras are enough, they do not need to be tracking me everywhere. Besides, who says they won't try and leech shit on to your phone?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I agree with Merc that this is mostly a way to get new analytics to market items to customers. I don't like the idea that they could be getting my personal information out of my device. That seems very shady to me and I wonder if there's a way to block the tracking.