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I recently got back from staying in Cyprus for 6 months and I'm now unemployed and it sucks :(.
I get up early every morning and check the same old job sites and apply for on average 2-3 jobs a day. Is this good? Or should I be doing more?

I have spent the past 10 years working in retail and am reluctant to go back. I'm after an admin job, but nobody will consider me once they've seen my extensive retail background. Just because I worked in Retail doesn't mean I am incapable to doing anything else!

Anybody else in the same situation?


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Have you ever tried going through an agency?

I don't know if its the same in your area but here we have work agencies that will find you jobs, you tell them what type of job you'd like and they'll work hard to find you one. Now it has to be realistic obviously, but most of them are good at it.

They do take a bit of money off your pay though, but it's a good way to put your foot in the door so to speak.


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Thanks for the advice Babe Ruth.
I have been in contact with 3 agencies, but so far heard nothing back. I assumed I'd have to go and meet up with them so they could get to know me and what type of job I'm after, but nothing yet.
Also, because I after a change in my career path, quite a few agencies won't help me as I don't have specific experience in the career I'm after.
I've only been looking for 4 weeks so far. I'm trying not to get myself too down over it. If I'm still looking in 12 months I'll be upset :(