Restoring your Headlight lens


Free Spirit
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This is something I decided to try because the lens on my care are getting dingy looking. I buffed them with the buffing solution until my shoulder was sore and still haven't finished yet. Unfortunately they are still a little cloudy but much better than what they were. Wish I had bought a kit with the buffing pad that would fit on your drill.

I've heard the sun causes the lenses to get cloudy and dingy looking but I question if its caused by dirt particles hitting it while driving. The tale lights aren't dingy looking at all.

Was wondering if anyone has tried this, have any tips and how did it turn out?


Guardian of the Light
On most cars it’s caused by a combination of sunlight and heat.

I’ve buffed mine before with a spinning buffer. Took a lot of effort but they came out looking decent (not new by any stretch of the imagination)

Eventually I think they will fog up enough that they would need to be replaced on any car (unless yours are glass).

Many cleaners you could use on them will strip the clear coat (either from the surrounding paint or the light itself) which will only cause it to fade faster in the future.

^that’s just my opinion. There are several schools of thought on this subject and they all are valid.