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This thread came to mind when walking home from work. I have to traverse farm roads and stuff, and a certain area is littered with dog shit. It's like poo-alley.

Now, I'm pretty relaxed and that when it comes to most things, but dog shit is a menace. I hate those bastards that just leave it there for people to trample in. They are great, big sweating penis-faces. Absolute complete berk-machines.
If you've got a dog, then you should look after it in all its domains. And picking up its shit is part of that responsibility. Bestowed upon you when you decided to buy one... I mean, this is why I won't ever have a dog, because I don't wish to have to do that stuff, yet if I did miraculously end up with one, I'd clean up after the creature.

So, that's a puny example of responsibility being neglected. And fair enough, I'm no saint and I do neglect the odd thing I really ought to be paying attention to. Yet, nothing this grossly repulsively controllably bad.

Anywho... And I demand honesty.
Where do you stand when it comes to responsibility? Do you neglect it loads, or do you try to take care of all your responsibilities (or most of) as best you can?
I wouldn't be judgemental, unless you're one of these dog shit leavers. They do my head in... It's as though I have to do the bloody hopscotch for half a mile on the way home... Absolute arsey gits, the lot of them.
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When I had my shih-tzu, I would walk him on his leash, and I would carry with me, these little things called "Puppy Bags". And a small scoop, which was of course needed when picking up dog shit. I never let him do his duty on the sidewalks or other main walk areas, I tried to guide him to a grassy area, but I still always picked up his pile of shit. It is the responsible thing to do. I agree, it is terrible to step in dog shit, I can curse for hours after doing that! When I see dog owners of big dogs, such as Great Danes or Saint Bernards, I always think how big of a bag they are packing along :)


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I am VERY responsible. My mom demanded it as I was growing. I always bus our own table at fast food, put away store items properly when handling them, communicate status of work, follow through on plans, be on time, keep agreements, etc. Our dog is huge so we have to bring a baggy. The side yard of our lot is a popular area for dogs to do their business and one day we had to clean up 6 piles. I emailed the whole neighborhood to ask that they clean up.


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I like to think I'm a responsible person. If there's something I should do, I like to do it instead of leaving it for someone else to do for me.


Sally Twit
I almost made this thread last week after spending the week looking after my sister's dog. I took her on a walk every day and walked past so much dog shit. It's absolutely disgusting that so many people don't clean up after their pet. It takes seconds to scoop it up and put it in the bins. What drives me up the wall the most is when parks which are surrounded by dog bins are covered in the stuff. Seriously Britain, take a look at yourselves.

I never neglect my responsibility. There are certain things I may try and put off but I always get round to doing them.


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I'm not a poo-leaver, that's for sure. That always pissed me off, too. The apartment complex where I used to live even provided the bags and people still didn't pick up their dog's shit.

I'm pretty responsible in most other areas, too. My conscience won't let me be otherwise.


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I feel for my age I am very responsible person. I wake myself each morning to go to school, I work many nights to pay for my own flat and food to eat. I do my school work and job work the best I can with no one to tell me to do any of this constantly like most my age. I have made irresponsible decisions, but mostly I am a responsible person.


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Ugh. Dog shit left everywhere annoys me no end. Fucking gross.

Anyway, despite my procrastination issues, eventually I do get around to doing the things i'm responsible for. Although, pile too much responsibility on me and i'm going to snap.


I have never had a dog and I don't know how responsible I would be. One thing is for sure, I hate when I see dog poos everywhere. I think everyone who has dogs should have a plastic bag to pick up the poo and trough it in the bin.


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I always picked up my dog's number two after taking him or her for a walk. A lot of people don't do it in my area, that's for sure. By the replies in this thread, it seems like that would be the case for a lot of members.

I think I'm pretty responsible, my parents made sure of it. I think at a certain age you come to realize that you have to grow up and accept your responsibilities, whatever those might be.