Responsibility to children


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At what age do you start giving your children responsibility?
Age determines what task you can give responibility to.
My cousin allowed her 2 y/o to peel potatoes, with supervision of course.
I see children at the age of 8-10 responsible for their younger sibling 3-5 to take them to school either by foot or on the bus, crossing the road.
What do you think is the correct age to start giving such responsibilities?


It depends on the responsibility.
Every age has it's own responsibilities.
I don't know what responsibilities a 2y.o kid can have ... anyway ..peeling the potatoes seems funny...though it's risky because the kid can cut his fingers. anyway ... yeah ... with supervision i don't think it would be much of a problem.

Regarding children 8-10 being responsible of their 3-5 siblings and taking them to school while crossing the road is a bit premature and risky. Children at these ages should be accompanied by parents as they may be kidnapped and something bad might happen if they cross the road alone. they're kids and they don't know these risks.
plus, a 8 y.o kid needs a supervision for himself so ...he can't supervise even those who are younger than him.
so it's premature and unnecessary.
i think the correct age is maybe 14 and above.(for such responsibilities)


well..i see that a 9 y.o. child can (in your country).
we don't have laws over here, regarding this issue.
anyway....crossing the road is a delicate issue. Even mature people at 40 cross the road accidentally and it's still risky for them.
i would say that at least, children under 12 should not cross the road alone. a child is not always conscious so he may underestimate the situation.


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I completely agree.
I see too often children at that age responsible of taking their siblings and crossing the road, it's irresponsible of the parents.


yes, it's all about irresponsibility of parents.
a kid doesn't know what's right or wrong....parents should tell them ...
they think a child needs to be premature but they forget it's something risky about their life.


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I think you start them off young with very small responsibilities and then work your way up. Brushing their teeth is the first one that comes to mind. Teaching them to brush and to brush on their own is a responsibility that they don't always pick up easily.


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I don't know how early I started with my kids. It has become natural. They start with understanding that there are things to do and not do. We start with making them responsible for themselves...then they can help others.

As for chores, my kids like helping out with the washing machine. At age 2, both my eldest and middle D showed interest in sorting clothes (colored, dark, whites) then I let them put it inside the machine. I just take care of the soap because that one is tricky and toxic. My son, by age 5, knew which setting combinations to do for the particular load. Then my daughter would just wait until I say "push" to start the machine. Of course, they don't think it's a chore. They think it's a game so maybe that's why they enjoy doing it.

My son has been asking me since last year if he can wash the dishes. I told him he's too young. But I let him mix the ingredients when I cook his favorite pie. :) I haven't tried the peeler. Maybe I should, one of these days. He might enjoy it.

My nephew is 10 years old and I can see giving him the responsibility of accompanying a 4-5 yo. It depends on the dependability/maturity of the child (others can be 10 but act like 4), how well behaved is the younger child to be accompanied, and the distance/time of the trip (including if it's a busy highway or calm neighborhood). A lot of variables to consider for me, in that scenario.


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I'm assuming you're talking about household responsibilities, such as picking up after themselves, cleaning their room, etc..
Studies have shown that a child's brain isn't fully developed until they reach the age of five. So at five years old they should take on whatever responsibilities their parents think they are able to handle, both physically and mentally. That's going to differ from child to child, but you should give them chores that will both teach them skills and challenge them to reach for the next level.