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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Greywolf, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Greywolf

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    Last I checked on the resident evil saga, there was less action as there was in Resident Evil 5, where all you do is shoot and reload and survive. What seems better in the game though? Is it better as is now, or was it better like back in the day, where you had to both survive, shoot and reload, AND figure out how to get to the next area/stage. And personally, back when the PS1 was all the rage and resident evil first came out, most people actually had a thrill on that game. Like, some of 'em I remember, actually got startled, or scared at times.

  2. Omega

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    Resident evil 5 was an amazing game. I think it is loosing it's polish. I found that unless you have a local of live two player game it was all bad. the CPU was all but brain dead. I am starting to get into games like dead rising and left for dead. I remember the old ps1 RE. they were a huge selling point along with metal gear when I bought the ps1 over the n64.
  3. Konshentz

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    As a fan of the series since very early on, I would have to say that RE1-CV were the best. The storyline was great, the characters were great, killing zombies and virus infected monsters were great moments. Sure, it had its plot holes and cheesy one-liners but it was truly Resident Evil. 4 and 5? Not so much. They have stripped down and raped the series so much that without names like Leon and Chris, you might have a hard time reconizing it. I have played both of the new, action-packed RE games and had tons of fun beating them but I still felt a little empty and disappointed afterwards, feelings I never had after beating any of the early RE games.
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    4 was amazing. It was a much needed revising of the series and kept a lot of the same in line with the other game. Koshentz, are you actually trying to argue that 4 had no cheesy lines? Because the answer is a resounding YES. 5 is the problem in my opinion because they're going the Gears of War route in terms of action and I don't find it suitable for an RE game.

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