Movies Resident Evil: Extinction (Spoilers)


Ms. Malone
I could rant about this til the cows come home...grab a mug of rum and sit tight, it's going to be a long one!

Story Line: After the Raccoon City Incident in 2002, the T-Virus escaped containment despite the nuclear destruction of the city. Now spreading through the ground, the Umbrella Corporation was unable to contain it. The virus spread across the Earth, drying up the oceans and continents while infecting the majority of the population. After five years, almost every living creature has become a zombie, and the world itself is on the verge of extinction.

I was sceptical of the film since i heard it was going to be making an appearance in the cinemas, after the disastrous out come of Apocalypse, which didn't follow anything from the games; besides the fact that Nemisis, Jill and Carlos make appearances, i was left worrying what horrors i would encounter by watching this (and by horrors i mean dreadful story line and character development); i am now left wondering if the directors and script writers had ever played the games.

The movie started out well enough with Alice being tricked and almost becoming dinner for the wonderful infected dogs we all know and love!

Next we meet the convoy, the survivors of Racoon City that are led by Claire, we have no background information as to how she ended up creating the convoy; just that she's there with Carlos and L.J. What happened to Jill and the kid from Apocalypse? The convoy stops at a run down motel with a zombie or two and the infected birdies are introduced! YAY! We all loved them in the game didn't we? But this time it isn't just one or's a giant flock and they're very hungry! They convoy struggles to escape, even with a large flame thrower attached to a tanker, and Alice arrives to save the day with her telekinetic abilities to fry the little fuckers.

That's just a step too far.

Umbrella have their sights on Alice, they want to use her blood to make a cure and one man, Sam Isaacs, wants to tame zombies; but Albert Wesker insists on using clones instead. Clone blood doesn't cure anything but Isaac discovers he can make super human zombies (did we ever see them in a game? Didn't think so).

The Convoy head to Las Vegas to get fuel and supplies, so they could head to Alaska where it's 'virus free', and find a large crate, which Isaac had transported there a head of them; full of the new zombies. Even though i'm against the super zombies they were a nice touch and made for a great fight scene!

Major Spoiler!
Issac is bitten by his super zombie and even though he took excessive doses of the anti-virus he still turns into a mutant and lasts about five minutes when he gets proper screen time!

That's all i'm going to tell you i don't want to give EVERYTHING away in case you would like to see it for yourselves.

There maybe, unfortunately, a sequel; it does look likely. The writers were thinking of bringing the hunky Mr. Leon S. Kennedy but then it would contradict release info about Apocalypse, apparently Screen Gems created a promotional faux newspaper, The Raccoon City Times, that detailed the background of Jill Valentine, and also included that she was dismissed from the S.T.A.R.S. after the death of her partner, Leon Kennedy.

When did they ever partner up?

Other aspects of the film include a potential relationship between Alice and Carlos (PLEASE, he was so meant for Jill) and L.J with another survivor Betty.

Overall i think it sucked, the development of Isaac the Mutant was left until late on in the movie which left a five minute fight between him and Alice, he died too quickly (like Nemisis did) and was blatantly obvious how it was going to happen.

3/5. Writers need to buckle down and play the games.


Forum Drifter
Here's my $.02:

I love zombie movies and I love apocalyptical movies. This movie was zombies + Mad Max and I absolutely loved that aspect. They were a few things I hated though. One thing was the telekinesis shit. That. Was. Stupid. And. Also. Pointless.

Another thing was the last fight. It could have been epic. Was it? No. It was not.

Also I feel that Claire was cast completely wrong. I guess Ali Larter needed more money between seasons of Heroes or something...

I enjoyed 90% of this movie. Though I love the Resident Evil series anyways (both the movies and the games). But the other 10% left me wanting so much more. It was worth my $9 just from the beginning all the way up until she gets down into the base (sans telekinesis). After that, this movie lost almost all creditability. Thankyou Paul W.S. Anderson. You suck. Why couldn't you have made this like the first two instead of like Matrix sequels?!


Ms. Malone
What's with all the girls being total badasses as well? I mean it's cool Alice is a badass but characters like Jill and Claire weren't, they were shy women and they're being ruined!


Gay As Fuck
What's with all the girls being total badasses as well? I mean it's cool Alice is a badass but characters like Jill and Claire weren't, they were shy women and they're being ruined!
Yeah, I didn't like how that actress portraid Jill Valentine. In the game she's smart and whitty, resourceful and cunning....but in the movie she's a smoking bad mouth vixen. Not something I wanted to see out of my favorite female video game characters.