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3ds Resident Evil DS


Registered Member
So, this game comes out next February. I have never finished the first game and I think one of the main reasons I never finished was because I was always on the go.

I think now that it will be coming on the DS I will buy it and beat it for sure. The box art looks cool, the new knife mod looks cool, but the (I believe single card) multi-player is to drool for!

Here are some pics for those who havent seen it.

And the box art.

I am excited to see a "M" game for the DS and hope that the next RE title will be an original. I will buy it the first day it comes out for sure. :cool:


Registered Member
I have this game on the Cube already, so I don't have much incentive to buy it, but on the other hand, if the original Silent Hill was released on the DS I would buy it in a second!

It may be worth a look though, would be a cool game to show people, that's for sure!


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i thought i saw somewhere that you can slash at zombies with the touch stick, literally cutting them in half.


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Yea you can do that Kannon. The multiplayer is what I am most excited about. Today a new trailer came out. Check it out here. Just ENTER, then click on Movie in the bottom right corner, then click on the left link instead of the right



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it looks pretty much like it's the same game except for knife mode which lets you use your stylus and that there's new puzzles.

what's with those red, blue, green cones on the floor. anyone know?

and how's multiplayer suppose to work?