Resident Evil 5 Racism: The Last Damn Straw


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Anybody whose been following Resident Evil 5 knows that it stirred up the uber-sensitive black bee's nest with it's premier trailer. Blogs were a stormin' with news of highly insensitive and racist views of the game. I wrote about this controversey already and it pisses me off to see another bitch complain about it:

Your Black Writers: Resident Evil 5: A Travesty On All Counts

The author of this blog, who I'm only assuming is an attention whore and all around sack sore, was apparently offended by the trailer (which was sent to him by a friend under the name "African Genocide"). The only problem is, it's quite apparent this guy (just like every other person who got pissed by this trailer) has no knowledge on the game or it's history. People who make a living lying to people like this are pathetic.

At this point, I'm contemplating getting the trailer and editing it myself with blackface and "firing my laser!" memes just to make it purposely racist, just to satisfy all these closet racists who try to sound all righteous by shooting down a game that they claim is so dangerous and demeaning.

For the last time you fucking loonies:

Resident Evil 5 IS NOT RACIST. IT DEPICTS AFRICANS AS ZOMBIES BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE GAME TAKES PLACE. There have been white and Spanish zombies as well but where were you with your bitch-ass blog postings then? Oh yeah, it's because THERE WERE NO BLACK ZOMBIES. You want to be accepted into this society and fight racism? Cut bullshit like this. If some white supremacist group spoke out against another game for white people dying, you'd laugh your dicks off and buy the games yourself.





Step off and stop being such pansy ass bitches and realize that not everything is racism. Maybe then, people will stop being afraid or weary of black people when you stop waving your red flags at everything. Want to stop feeling separated? Stop calling so much fucking attention to yourselves.


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People really know how to blow things out or proportion. If I remember correctly, wasn't RE4 based somewhere in Cuba? I didn't see people of Cuban descent protesting racism. It's like they are giving this game more flack than GTA: San Andreas which had more than its share of racial comments of black and Hispanic nature, but it gets ridiculed for a 'sex' game that was programed not to be shown in the game. People have things ass backwards.


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The news doesn't ignore it though and that's how games lose respect before people even give them a chance.

And seriously, there have been TONS of white zombies in the Resident Evil games. Anybody seen the movies? Plenty of white zombies there too. The lady in the elevator at the beginning of the first one was black and she wasn't even a zombie.

Cons you have to keep in mind that these racist remarks are coming from a select group of people. It's not like everybody thinks this game is racist. Most people probably won't even think anything of it the racist propoganda and will simply enjoy the game for what it's meant to be instead.


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Cons you have to keep in mind that these racist remarks are coming from a select group of people. It's not like everybody thinks this game is racist. Most people probably won't even think anything of it the racist propoganda and will simply enjoy the game for what it's meant to be instead.
I know it's not everyone, I'm not that dull (hopefully).

I just hate how black people who decry this game don't see how they're breeding racism. To me, this is how the process works (and we're using a case of African American racism):

1. Something (let's just stick to the game) is seen as racist by someone or a few people
2. Racism is called on it
3. Responses begin piling up
4. The source of the "racist" material may be called out
5. The source may be sued or be forced to change their "racist" problem
6. If 4 and 5 succeed, blacks have successfully separated themselves from the rest of society by calling out a special need to be extra sensitive with anything that may or may not be offensive to them

I don't call black comedians who say cracker or honkey and tell them I'm offended, even though on a few rare occasions I may be. It just bothers me because these clowns who see racism everywhere from the news to racks of cookies where the chocolate ones are in back, are the biggest racists there are. I mean, how else do you notice it so frequently and find it in the most ridiculous ways?

The RE5 video is easily misconstrued if you have no context to place the trailer in. So in reality, as much as this is about racism, it's way more about common sense and intelligence, something these blog writers have very little of.


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My tolerance for ignorant people isn't very high, especially when it comes to other races who want pitty parties. Suck it up and live your life and stop whining.


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Well, it's just something we have to deal with when people are allowed to breed within their family, Merc.

I hate it to, but what am I going to do about it? Nothing. but hope to god I can get a PS3 before the game comes out. :drool:

Edit: I think all of the months of reading your rants have rubbed off on me. :lol:


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Well, I have to say as an African-American, a big majority of us can be real single-minded. Now, I can't speak for all of us, but from what I've seen in my own environment it's pretty true.


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I just feel like people aren't comfortable saying these sorts of things (calling some black people racist and such). I know a lot of white people who seem to be guilt ridden about blacks with no apparent reason. White people don't owe black people anything. Why does everyone think so? Yes, slavery happened, it was disgusting and terrible, probably the worst case of human damage in this country's history. But guess what? It's over and no one owns slaves anymore. Stop drawing negative attention to yourselves and join modern society.