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Researchers apparently find and identify THE iceberg that sunk the Titanic


CBC.ca | This Is That | Titanic Iceberg Found!

After almost a century of looking a group of Canadian researches feel that they have made a titanic discovery off the Atlantic coast of Canada. What they found was an iceberg but it is not just any iceberg, they believe it is the actual iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic in 1912.
That, in and of itself, is pretty nifty. But if you go to that site and listen to the interview, things get even more interesting. If you skip to 3:30 in the interview, they talk about their plans for the iceberg. Spoiler, it's equal parts crazy and awesome

They wanna blow that fucker up with TNT

The idea itself is funny (to me at least) but what really makes it is the way he says it.


Registered Member
Hilarious! :lol: I admit the tea cup prolly wasn't left by a tourist, sunning on the iceberg but 100s and 1,000s of detailed eye-witness accounts???? I didn't know cadavers could talk, lol! Unless they're undeads? :-o

Srsly, that dude's arguments sounded brilliant... till he wanted to grab the tnt and get revenge! :lol: Btw, did you read the 1st comment on the article? Somebody claims the Titanic woulda damaged the iceberg so much it woulda sunk. What!? Sinking ice, lol!

Thanks for sharing! :D