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Rescue Pets


Registered Member
For those of us who have rescue pets, we experience the total unconditional love that only an animal can give. I have two rescue Kitties that have just about taken over the household. One was dumped at a school where I worked so I brought him home, fed, bathed and had him neutered. It wasn't long before he came home one evening with a little black female half starved and in need of attention. After taking care of her, they are now the best of friends and provide much joy in our lives. Please share your rescue stories with us. I'm sure there will be some strange ones.


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Rescue pets are the best. I have a similar tale to yours where our female cat brought home a pitiful kitten that had matted up eyes, was covered in fleas, and had clearly been abandoned. After we got the poor thing fixed up he turned into a magnificent looking cat. Poor thing just needed to see the vet, eat some food, and get some love. The little fella still follows his rescuer around. They are two peas in a pod.

My large black cat (uh, I have five cats total) showed up out the blue as I was burying my dog. She had cancer and had to be put to sleep. The dog was also black. The cat moved himself in. My wife considered it fate.