Reputation Glitch?

you can now only neg premium members.

I know Hybrix was talking about doing that.

Im pretty sure thats it.

I think.


Im sure Jeanie came when she read that. Youll never hear the end of it.

Or you will...either way.


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You can't neg people under 250 posts or something like that. The Sith drove away 4-5 good posting newbies and we felt it was the only way to keep that from happening again.


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Fuck that shit. Idiots need to be negged. 250 post? The guy has well above 100.

A guy made a post in the name your favorite anime thread in the anime section saying he didnt like any animes.

Why make a damn post then. He needs to be negged.

I declare shennanigans.
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sorry, man. We can take down the morons once they've become well established morons.

You're preaching to the right person, by th way, I've had some bloody good newbie flames in the past.