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Republicans: Racism okay, republican jokes, not okay


Problematic Shitlord
YouTube - ‪Obama impersonator Roasts President Obama‬‏

Sorry if this was posted already but this made me laugh. I mean, what do they expect people to take from this? Some guy impersonating Obama takes some swipes at the left and even some racial jabs at Obama himself and the crowd roars with laughter. A joke about Tim Pawlenty with his oversized foot in his mouth and he gets ushered off stage? People who can't laugh at themselves have issues, plain and simple. I thought he was pretty funny with all his jokes, it's rather upsetting that the Republicans lacked the capacity to laugh at themselves.

What do you think of the video?


still nobody's bitch
They also booed at the joke about Romney being a Mormon. I thought that was really lame.


Registered Member
I was amazed to learn that Republicans know how to laugh. I could be wrong. It coulda just been a lot of grinning and snarling.