Republican Senator David Vittor on DC madam's list


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Republican Senator David Vittor has now been outed on The DC Madam's account list. It seems while the "Conservative" Vittor campaigns on abstinence and family values he also likes a nice hooker on occasion.

When his wife was asked a few years back about the Clinton's marital troubles and if she would have been as forgiving as the former First Lady she replied... I'd probably be more like Lorena Bobbit.


As if the backlash from supporting the highly unpopular Bush agenda was not enough now Senator Vittor lives in fear of losing his male member.

This just goes to show when things go bad... they really go bad.


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Provide a real news source.
That Vittor's DC madam thing has been all over the news... and the Lorena Bobbit statement was the exact quote I heard (watched) on the national news 2 days ago... NBC.

Of course I don't know if he's really afraid of anything... I used a little poetic license on that.

Ant On A Log

David Vitter. Now there's a fine example of a Louisianian. Man, who would have ever imagined that our politicians would do something like that.

Seriously, though. Louisiana has a long history of shit politics.

Huey Long --
David Duke --
Mr. Vitter (currently in office) --
Edwin Edwards --

only to name three.

at one point in our history we had a straight up gangster from new orleans as governor and a grand wizard of the ku klux klan representing us in congress.